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Loving my clients!!!

If you follow my Facebook page you’ve probably heard me say this before – but I love my clients!!!

This past month or so has been full of gorgeous people, I’ve heard about amazing weight loss success stories, new babies on the way, work that brings about whole new levels of respect & cute engagements, plus many more stories

I’ve had families that I feel like I belong to & cute little people giving away their parents secrets, one that touched my heart was the “little” sister whose turn it was to do her deb, so grown up & beautiful!

These beautiful girls that I see over the years, make me notice just how much our faces change shape, our hair changes colour & style, our eyebrows get thinner / thicker depending on current trends, which shows just how important having a trial for your big day is, usually held 4 – 6 weeks prior, during which timeĀ things should not change too drastically

As usual I’ve become distracted, but just wanted to say I’ve been so lucky with each and every one of you and I thank you for inviting me into your lives and for the referrals you’ve passed on for me

Looking forward to seeing you again sometime soon & helping you feeling even more gorgeous – Lis Xxx

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